Raise Funds - You can make a difference – reach out to your friends, family and companies in your local community and tell them about Sjögren’s. Ask for donations to support your Walk for Sjögren's efforts. As an individual registrant,if you raise funds, you can earn the following:

  • $40        Walk for Sjögren's T-Shirt
  • $100      Walk for Sjögren's T-Shirt and 2021 Medal
  • $300      Journal Book
  • $500      Mouse with Pad
  • $1,000+ Sjögren's Star Status! Your name will be highlighted on


All 4 Incentive Prizes for Walk Prize Page.png



*You must be registered to be eligible for any incentive prizes, including the Walk for Sjögren's T-Shirt. 

**All prizes will be mailed after the event (except the T-shirt which will be mailed before the event, if the T-shirt deadline is met.) 

Fall Walk Sponsor

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Local Sponsors