Sjögren's Philadelphia Tri-State Walkabout & Family Fun Day

The Biggest UII Team So Far!
The Biggest UII Team So Far!

UII - Understanding Invisible Illnesses

UII ("we") stands for "Understanding Invisible Illnesses", a grassroots support and awareness group founded by Jen Pettit in 2006.  

Jen was diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome (as well as other chronic disorders) at 15 years old in 2001.  Having grown up with chronic, progressive, and unseen illnesses, she wants to make sure each hurdle cleared in spreading awareness and developing useful resources is knocked down for the people who will come after.  If we all do this every time we run into someone who can't see our "invisible illness", just imagine how much better we'd make our world - and we can do it!

Visit Jen's personal page for more on her story, as well as the pages of all the members of Team UII!  

Sjogren's Syndrome By the Numbers:

  • Sjogren's is believed to affect 4 MILLION Americans, though only a fraction have been formally diagnosed to date
  • Sjogren's patients are likely to require as much as 50 TIMES the amount of dental work as a healthy person
  • Sjogren's patients are at a 44x increased risk of developing Lymphoma
  • 9 out of 10 Sjogren's patients are women, typically in their 40's, but men and women of all ages can develop the disease
Sjogren's is a chronic, progressive disease with no cure that can affect every system and organ in the human body.  But, research funded by the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation is developing new and improved methods for fighting disease progression, improving symptoms, and creeping ever closer to the elusive cure!

To Join Team UII for the Walkabout at the Philadelphia Zoo:

  • Click "Join Team" on the righthand side of this page
  • Design your page with your personal story and share with all your friends, family, coworkers, and connections
  • Raise a minimum of $10 to qualify for FREE ADMISSION to the zoo with your attendance at the Walkabout! (*) Raise $30 or more to earn an event T-shirt (one per fundraiser, with attendance).
To Donate to Team UII or an Individual Team Member:
  • Select "Donate Now" on the righthand side of this team page or for the individual team member you want to support
  • Fill out the donor information  - all information is secure and protected
  • OR - contact a team member directly to make a cash or check donation
(*)= Additional information for those attending the walk:
  • The suggested $10 per fundraiser is the minimum required to gain free admission to the zoo with the Walkabout - the more, the better, and as a registered fundraiser you will be eligible for additional prizes for more funds raised!
  • Please raise at least $10 per person (for example, two adults and two children ages 3+ = family of 4, raise at least $40).
  • A registered fundraiser who raises $30 or more will be eligible for a T-shirt.  If multiple people in your family want to earn shirts, they must each sign up and raise at least $30 individually.
  • You MUST arrive at the registration area of the zoo by 9:30am to receive free admission.  Anyone arriving after the walk steps off will need to go through normal zoo admission and pay full price to the zoo.
  • Parking is not included; $15 in the zoo garage - the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation incurs a cost for each ticket provided and any additional costs such as parking woudl further reduce the amount of money that can actually go to research and support.
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