Raise Funds - You can make a difference – reach out to your friends, family and companies in your local community and tell them about Sjögren’s. Ask for donations to support your Walk for Sjögren's efforts and record them on your walker collection form. By raising funds, you can earn the following:

$40 - $149         Official Sjögren’s Walk T-shirt
$150 - $499       Official Sjögren’s Walk T-shirt & Drawstring Sportspack
$500 - $999       Official Sjögren’s Walk T-shirt, Drawstring Sportspack, and Umbrella
$1,000+             Official Sjögren’s Walk T-shirt, Drawstring Sportspack, Umbrella, and                                     Sjogren's Special Gift***

***Achieve Sjögren’s Star Status and be recognized on the SSF website as a Sjögren’s Star!


2015 Shirt.png2018 Walk Incentives

*Must be present at the event to receive your t-shirt*

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