2023 Philadelphia Tri-State Walk for Sjögren's

Tasha's Titans

Thanks for visiting my Team Page! 

I hope that you will join the team and help to increase awareness and raise funds to support the work of the Sjögren's Foundation! 

Did you know that upwards of 4 million Americans are living with Sjögren's? 

Sjögren's is very common yet still little known, you can help make a difference by joining Tasha's Titans and help us to get the word out!  We need your help to support research, education and to increase Sjögren’s awareness! 

Sjögren's (pronounced Show-grins) has taught me to be more confident in advocating for myself and for others. I wish people knew about the complexity of Sjogren's. It isn't just dry eyes and dry mouth, but it can affect the entire body and cause symptoms every single day.

Join the team and help to make Sjögren's known. You can join my team, walk with us at the Philadelphia Zoo, or just donate/fundraise on your own.

Thank you in advance for your support! Go Team!

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